How it works

Sometimes we want to change, to get better at something or to stop doing something.

We work really hard at it, but it doesn’t always happen, or if it does, the change doesn’t stick around for us to move on and feel confident that our lives have improved.

Life Hurdling helps people get from A to B, Miriam will help get you from where you are now to where you want to be. She’ll help you to identify what holds you back or gets in the way of you achieving your goals and what resources or skills would be helpful to get you there.

The most important factor on the journey of change is that you are completely committed to change NOW. It’s important for you to know that Miriam is not claiming to solve anything. Miriam is claiming to change the situation from what it is now, after that it’s up to you. You’ll then have the choices in how you behave; reject the old behaviours or embrace the new opportunities.

I remember the firSt time we spoke I said somethiNg aloNg the liNes of hopiNg that you would be able to help me and you said you would Give me the tools to help MYSELF. And I thiNk that with your KnowlEdge, Your Sincerity and your underSTANDING you did juSt that. Thank you.

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Behave / perform in a way that doesn't satisfy you.


React in a way that you have no choice in (You know those ones where you know you’re doing it...You don’t want to be doing it...But you still do it.... And you still get annoyed with yourself for doing it!)


Know you can do better, achieve more but you can’t, won’t or just don’t quite get there.

Life Hurdling

Works with you to identify what stops you getting where you want to be – what’s the crux of the issue...


Are totally committed to changing.

Life Hurdling

Uses experience, tools and techniques and together with you, we deal with the issue.

You ChaNge!
You CaN:

Move on from your loss, with a renewed sense of life

Re-identify yourself and your dreams and determine the right steps for the future you have chosen

Visit the dentist without feeling awful

Fly with confidence

Wake up feeling light and hopeful

Share the same space as spider and not completely freak out!

Choose to not smoke without it being a chore

Be free from anxiety and make fearless choices about the way you live your life

Perform better -
Lift more,
lower your handicap,
compete confidently

Present confidently to your colleagues

Achieve your goals more easily

Say ‘no’ assertively and mean it

Look in the mirror and see yourself in the shape you want to be

Stop biting your nails

Shrug off exam nerves, maintain your calm