Coaching with Miriam is about change...

  • StoPpiNg the thINgS you
    doN’t want to do aNymore

      Coaching can include looking at your life and working out what’s working for you and what isn’t; it’s about doing more of the stuff that makes you happy and reducing the stuff that causes anxiety, stress, heartache and ill health.

  • ImproviNg your

      Coaching can include identifying the areas that prevent you from winning or achieving more. It can be about reducing the things that stop you being focussed on what you want or about maximising the things you do well and making sure you consistently hit the mark. WIN MORE!

obstacles You can Hurdle...

Day to day obstacles:
You can stop pics
  • You CaN Stop
    • Being Stuck in the same pattern of behaviour that gets you the same unsatisfactory result.
    • Struggling to move forward in life
    • Thinking there must be another way
    • Your phobia getting the better of you
    • Coming up against the same obstacles time and time again
    • Being eaten up by fear, anxiety or loss
    • Smoking, Nail Biting, Snacking
    • Paralysis by Analysis
    • Disregarding your wellbeing
    • The blue days becoming the norm
    • Being a slave to your emotions – master them!
You can be pics
  • You caN be
    • Different
    • Determined in your weight Loss and achieve your goal
    • Super Confident
    • Assertive – Say “no” and mean it
    • Calm and relaxed in situations that currently cause anxiety (e.g. exams, flying, dentists)
    • Free from fear and anxiety
    • Consistent in your performance (e.g. presenting, golf, competitions)
    • A better player and increase your performance
    • Content with your life
    • Resilient…. When you want to be
    • Inspired when you greet a new day
Parenting obstacles:
You can stop pics
  • You CaN Stop
    • Being stuck in a rut
    • Having no “me” time
    • Feeling like you can’t cope
    • Thinking you don’t know who you are anymore
    • Losing it all the time with the children
    • Doing the same thing and getting the same un-satisfactory result
    • Feeling like you have no choice
You can be pics
  • You caN be
    • The role model you want to be
    • Calm in stressful situations
    • The parent of happy and confident children
    • More flexible
    • More consistent in your parenting
    • A parent with lots of tricks up their sleeve
    • Free from analysing every decision you make
    • Content with the choices and decisions you are making
    • A calm, happy, fun, loving parent
Performance obstacles:
You can stop pics
  • You CaN Stop
    • Focusing on your opponent instead of your own game
    • Knowing you could have done better
    • Your body getting tense because of nerves
    • Performing Inconsistently
    • Being distracted when you need to be focussed
    • Doubting yourself and your capabilities
    • Finding excuses
You can be pics
  • You caN be
    • Different
    • In control of your mental "state"
    • Relaxed in competition
    • Focussed only on what is important to perform
    • Unfazed by everything going on around you
    • Your best consistently
    • Having fun whilst knowing you are training hard
    • Free from doubt about your own ability