Behaviours you waNt To stop

Running negative thought patterns

I sought help regarding the breakdown of a family relationship. I have spent a number of years trying to resolve the problem. My downtime thoughts were constantly focusing on the issue, I found this exhausting, frustrating and detrimental to my health.

It doesn’t provoke the response it previously did which has allowed me to remain much calmer and feel better health wise.


I haven’t had a cigarette since the session which was over 7 weeks ago. I haven’t wanted a cigarette and even with groups of smokers have not been tempted. I feel much better for not smoking, and now don’t have the ‘guilt’ associated with it either. I am happy to go to the pub and enjoy a drink with friends and not felt the need to keep going outside to smoke.


Exams, presentations, interviews, public speaking, practical assessments.

I was unable to control my nerves in high pressure situations. Anxiety and negative thinking were causing restlessness and sleepless nights hindering my preparation. Ultimately these problems affected my performance and were preventing me from fulfilling my potential.

The session was interactive and provided a calm but focused atmosphere to explore the issue and for me to discover the positive approach I need to have to fulfill my potential.

I have since been in a situation that previously would have been a problem and it went very well. I feel the session has helped my directly and indirectly to increase my positive thinking and fulfill my expectations and potential. It has been very helpful to see Miriam.

Driving anxiety & sickness

The issue was quite horrific travel sickness, never actually sick but feeling very unwell throughout the journey and up to 12 hours after the journey.

Now I am able to be a passenger in a car without feeling sick, I’ve taken journeys of 2-3hrs without feeling awful. Benefits are massive!!!

Anxiety when driving. I would begin to think about the journey hours in advance of it. White knuckle ride – very uncomfortable state to drive in. Stressful. Would happily let partner take responsibility for driving.

I undertook one session with Miriam and was asked to report back any changes. I initially found that nothing changed, however after several long journeys I noticed that on reflection the anxiety had completely vanished!

Nail biting

I would bite my nails at times of stress or whilst watching telly etc without realising I was doing it. Short bitten nails look very unattractive and I wanted to be able to file and paint them when going out. My nails have now grown, look much more feminine and I don’t feel so embarrassed about people seeing my hands.

Weight loss

I was unhappy about the weight I’d gained/not lost since having my last child (3 ½ years ago!). I knew this was a result of snacking in the evenings and not taking enough exercise. I needed to get motivated and set some achievable goals.

Following my sessions, I have not even thought about evening snacks, so haven’t bought any. I’ve just bought myself a new dress in a size 10 and it fits really well. It was a great feeling not to look in the mirror and feel disappointed and encouraged me to keep going!

Feeling down

The coaching was focussed on managing my mood swings, in particular when feeling very low how overwhelmed and hopeless I felt by daily life as a busy working mum.

The suggestion that I do everything I say I am going to do so that I don’t ‘let myself down’ led me to a very enlightening realisation and helped me to move forward. I am now more realistic about what I can achieve and end the day celebrating my achievements rather than dwelling on my failures.

Lack of Confidence

In my work I would have to stand up and talk with an audience which made me very unsettled and anxious. I would worry about it weeks before making it ten times worse, I imagined that I would stand there and nothing would come out or I would just pass out.
Since the coaching my fears have settled down and my confidence has increased. I have complete control when I feel panic and I turn these into powerful tools to help me in the best way possible, meeting people isn’t as scary and now I get excited too!

IncreasiNg perFormaNce: COACH FEEDBACK

Jon Bigg, Coach Phoenix AC, Owner Sally Gunnell OBE DL

Miriam is a very helpful, supportive and skilled individual. She is committed to delivering a high standard of coaching, dealing with the emotional and mental fitness of the athlete which means I can stay focussed on their athletic development.
Clear updates allow me to see what areas have been worked on and the tasks that the athletes have been set which continue to develop them well after the coaching session has finished.
The results of the coaching can now be seen in terms of real changes.

  • Improved SB/PB
  • Attention at training and competition
  • Resilience & maintained focus during times of injury
  • Consistency in performance

Increasing Performance: Individual Feedback

Bench Pressing

I wanted to lift 120kg without running negative thoughts such as: “I’m probably not going to do this” and to stop being intimidated by the weight.
I achieved my goal soon after the 2hr session and every time I do any exercise I use the techniques Miriam has taught me. My energy and thoughts are now much more focussed not just when I exercise but also when I study.

800m Mens

I’ve felt and seen a huge improvement with my running career. Since working with Miriam I have set a new personal best for 800m, reaching the finals of the English Championships and competing in the final of the Olympic trials!

CoachiNg CoMmeNtS

Keep doing what you do! I would have dismissed Coaching as “something for people with money” and “not for me” years ago. You have brought Coaching to me as an integral part of my life, its as necessary as drinking water. A big statement, however if you drink only a little tap water each day you’ll survive….however try drinking a greater amount and you’ll notice the effects, you’ll thrive. Its the same with Coaching, in our everyday lives its easy to think we’ll get away with just getting advice from the TV, listening to friends, reading a few self-help books and worse still relying on horoscopes, this is the equivalent of just a little water each day….it does very little. However employ a Life Coach (as good as you) and you’ll notice effects quickly and it becomes like drinking 3 litres of water each day…you become super-charged!

Each situation I go through has changed from “what would Miriam say…?” to “what am I going to do…” which gets to the route of the problem. I now trust myself and my judgement and my ability (which I know is boundless) which in turn allows me to live life to the full.

You have many strong points, however the encouragement, intelligence, reassurance and guidance which you provide are (in my opinion) your greatest asset. You also have the ability to kick someone in the butt when necessary without making them feel like a fool!

I just think it’s amazing how these things work! It has improved my life and it may seem like a small/silly problem to people, but I know that not having that fear has made my life better. It’s nice not to think about. It’s also good to be able to share and open up and solve a problem.

I feel that your non judging and calm persona allows people to willingly open up and realise an easy remedy to their problem. Every session I undertook was uplifting and got me instantly looking forward to putting into practice ways to help me develop my goals.

I remember the first time we spoke I said something along the lines of hoping that you would be able to help me and you said you would give me the tools to help myself. And I think that with your knowledge, your sincerity and your understanding you did just that. Thank you.